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Bearing in mind the coronavirus epidemic, the current economic situation and its perspectives, and basing on the results of the analysis of the Company's competences and experience, the Management Board - with the approval of the Supervisory Board – lately came to the conclusion that the biggest opportunity for the Company is to focus on the hemp and health sectors. In connection with the above, the Management Board envisages changing the name of the Company to "Hemp & Health S.A."

The new strategy presents merging activities in two complementary areas, namely:

1 / industrial and medical hemp ("HEMP");
2 / products, services and unique medical technologies ("HEALTH").


CBD and THC distribution

The Company intends to become the European market leader in the distribution of hemp flowers, isolates and distillates containing high-percentage CBD, THC and other cannabinoids. The activity will be conducted each time on the basis of appropriate permits and licences obtained independently by the Company. It is planned to create its own distribution network and conclude cooperation agreements with companies conducting this type of activity, in particular on the Canadian and American markets.

White label

The Company plans to sell in the formula of the "white label" service. This service will consist of the development and production of products dedicated to a specific customer under his brand. These will be products based on hemp flowers, distillates and isolates with different concentrations of cannabinoids such as CBD or THC.


In cooperation with scientific research centres and companies operating in the field of pharmacy, the Company intends to conduct research and development works in the field of medical use of cannabis. To this end, strategic partnerships will be established with international companies, in particular with companies from Canada and the USA.


Medical tests distribution

The Company intends to specialize in the distribution of medical tests, both for professional and private use. First of all, due to the current demand and interest, these will be tests for COVID-19, but ultimately also for other pathogens. The activity will be carried out on the basis of already concluded and future distribution agreements.

COVID-19 diagnostics and prevention

The Company intends to build its own network of consultation points for the diagnosis of complications associated with the COVID-19 virus. At each of the points, it will be possible to test for COVID-19 antibodies and carry out preventive measures for complications in the event of prior COVID-19 infection.


In cooperation with scientific research centers and companies from the USA and Canada, the Company intends to conduct research and development works in the field of developing effective, unique and modern medical technologies. To this end, special purpose vehicles will be established, which will then obtain external financing for this type of activity. The technologies - after their development - will be reported to patent offices, and intellectual rights will indirectly, through special purpose vehicles, constitute the Company's assets.


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